Name: bambi
Pronouns: she/her
Age: 21
Race: hispanic
Birthday: dec. 3rd.
widowmaker if ur out there, pls spare some strap!

( vine kid voice ) whats up, i'm bambi, 21, and i never learned how to fucking make decent bios

    - rlly into: ovw, video games, anime, cartoons, cosplay, roleplaying, kpop & dnd!

    • games: ovw, night in the woods, life is strange, little nightmares, apex legends, etc!
    • anime: mob psycho 100, naruto, kakegurui, inuyasha, toradora, haikyuu, free!, bnha, etc!
    • cartoons: atla, gravity falls, steven universe, ok-ko, gumball, adventure time, etc!

- mutuals, feel free to hmu if we have similar interests n u wanna chat !!!

  • i'm forgetful so i may not always remember to respond though, so dont take it the wrong way if i forget!

- u dont need to soft block or what the fuck ever, just unfollow / block me if u want idc

  • do not follow if you're a: racist, pedophile, sexist or just genereally fucking ugly / sensitive! also i do NOT toler8 any widowmaker h8 so go be stinky someplace else.